Twist Car Race Challenge

Hands on project are an effective way of learning.It's not just a good pedagogical tool, but it a form of teaching that young engineer truly appreciate. Practicing this way of study, students learn most on what they have to know, and improve their current understanding on what they learn.

For the competition, the students will design and build their twist car and take part in a race. It will be a time trial race where 3 attempts will be given for a 4 lap’s race. Different driver is needed for each lap, so the respective team must have 4 main drivers and may have one reserved driver. The team which record the best time to complete the whole race will be the winner.

By participating in this competition, the students:

  1. Can apply their knowledge to build an efficient twist car.
  2. Can cooperate with their teammates in achieving objectives.
  3. May gain enormous amount of information’s through self-study and experiment.
  4. May induce positive competitive attitude.
There is some rules and regulations of this competitions:
  1. This competition is open to all universities and polytechnic students.
  2. The team should be in a group of 5.
  3. Imitation of existed design is highly prohibited. Any team involved in imitation will be automatically disqualified.
  4. The organizer will not held responsible if there are any actions taken by the party due to imitation done by any teams.
  5. The twist car should be safe to the driver and surroundings. The body must be free from any external appendages that are dangerous to others.
  6. One group is responsible for one twist car.
  7. There should be no brakes used.
  8. Use of motor, chain and gear is prohibited.
  9. The rough idea on twist car, take a look on this video:
  10. The team must have 4 drivers, one for each lap and may have one reserved driver.
  11. No twist car allowed to race until receiving the organizer has approved it.
  12. The organizer should be informed if there are any modifications after inspection.
  13. The team manager is allowed to lodge protest on results to the organizer 15 minutes after the competition ended.
  14. The twist car should be safe to the driver and surroundings. The body must be free from any external appendages that are dangerous to others.
  15. Any teams that disobey the rules will be disqualified.
All entries must meet competition guidelines and only the selected entries will be informed a week* after the deadline.

Deadline of registration is on 2 May 2012*

*subjected to change.


  1. To participate in the competition, a team must fill the registration form provided by the organizer.
  2. Each team must consist of 5 person, 1 team leader and 4 members.
  3. Complete form should be send to the organizer via email.
  4. The organizer has the authority to reject any incomplete form or any non-IPTA/IPTS participants.
  5. Selected teams will be announced through e-mail and organizer’s official blog.
Team Progress

  1. The selected teams shall proceed to design and build their car.
  2. The twist car must fulfil the criteria below:
    • The design can withstand the driver’s weight, and not fail under constant or fluctuated loadings.
    • Only one person can operate it at a time.
    • It is free from any sharp edges, or anything that may harm the driver and the surrounding.
    • It must move with only twisting motion, without help of external factor such as motor and gear.
  3. The cost of building the car is not afforded by the organizer. The team may use their own budget or budget allocated by their institution. 
  4. To get a clearer image on what is actually twist car, watch the video uploaded in the blog.
Event Day

  1. One garage will be provided by the organizer to each team.
  2. All repairing or optimizing process can be conducted in the garage. However, any optimization after the safety inspection must be informed to the organizer to make sure that any changes done follow the rules of competition.
  3. Only the authorized personnel can be in the garage. Outsiders are strongly prohibited from entering the garage without organizer’s permission.
  4. Any team that ignore safety and disobey any rules will be given warnings and if it continues, the team can be disqualified.
  5. The safety of team members and the car is at own risk.
  6. For the safety inspection, the twist car will be inspected for any parts or object that may cause harm to the driver and surrounding. The stability and strength of the car will also be checked.
  7. After passing the inspection, the team will be given special stickers and may wait for their turn to race.
  8. The illustration of track and the information is provided below.*
    • The race consists of 4 laps.
    • 4 main driver are required, one driver for each lap. The team may provide 1 reserved driver.
    • Since it is a time trial race, the team with the best time completing all the laps will be announced as the winner.
    • 3 attempts will be given to make the race more competitive.

*the plan may change with notice. Please visit the blog often to receive latest announcement about the competition.

Prize :
  1. First prize : Cash RM1000 + 2 days 1 night Travel package to Pulau Pangkor sponsored by + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  2. Second prize : Cash RM700 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  3. Third prize : Cash RM400 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  4. Fourth and fifth prize : Hamper worth of RM80 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
The winner will be interviewed and it will be published on university/outside media (digital board, bulletin or magazines).

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