Cornerstone : Dare To Innovate

Problem-based learning is a concept where students face context of multifaceted, complex and realistic problems. It trains the students to be more interactive in their learning, independent on what they do and how do they do it. This competition is focus on 1st year UKM Civil Engineering students. It is also evaluated as their final marks.

The goals of this competition is :

  • develop flexible knowledge and skills
  • effective problem solving skills
  • effective collaboration skills
  • intrinsic motivation
For the competition, the students will apply what they know, what they don't, how and where to acquire the data and information to achieve their objectives in completing the tasks given. There will be options of problems to be solved, generally associated with Civil Engineering course (E.g. flood, earthquake, material, structure or other relevant related problems). The students will propose their projects through poster presentations and the organizer encourages them to present graphical presentations (videos, slide shows, software designs or mini models) to attract crowds and make their presentations more interesting and interactive.

Prize :
  1. First prize : Cash RM300 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  2. Second prize : Cash RM200 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  3. Third prize : Cash RM100 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  4. Fourth and fifth prize : Hamper worth of RM80 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
The winner will be interviewed and it will be published on university/outside media (digital board, bulletin or magazines).

"We Create Leaders Not Just Engineers"

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