Anti-Waste Poster Challenge

Anti-Waste Poster Challenge is supporting the 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle) concept. The earth has taken too much waste, generally rubbish that may harm the environment. If this continues, the earth may be covered by wastes and our future generation will most likely to receive negative impact, caused by early generation, that refer to us.

So as a responsible community, 3R concept should be practiced to conserve our mother nature. The organizer will focus on how to increase awareness among the society. It is because the solution readily exists, the only problem is the usual campaign and commercials are not fully able to attract, educate peoples on practicing the 3R concept.

In this competition, the participants have to make interesting and catchy poster to attract and educate the society on:

  1. What is to be recycled and what is not
  2. Where and which bin should they throw those valuable recyclable materials
  3. How to use the orange bin
  4. The advantage of practicing this habit in illustrative way, short, and simple
  5. Show their courage in supporting 3R concept to conserve Mother Nature
The winner will be evaluated based on originality,concept, ideas that meet the theme, aesthetics, composition and increase awareness on 3R concept. Selected artwork will be published and the winners are decided by the jury.

There is rules and regulations for this competition:
  1. This competition is open to all UKM students ONLY.
  2. The team should be in the group of 4.
  3. Minimum 3 and maximum 6 numbers of posters required for the competition in A2 size.
  4. The posters should meet the theme of competition.
  5. The organizer only accepts original and authentic artwork. Any team involve in plagiarism can be automatically disqualified.
  6. The participants have to create their posters following the criteria below:
    • Information and awareness about 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle).
    • Information on what type of material should be recycled.
    • The use and how to use the orange bin.
    • Illustrative, short and simple information that can be understood by everyone.
All works submitted for this competition will become the property of the organizers. The organizer will not be held responsible if the works do not delivered, lost or damage.

All entries must meet competition guidelines and only the selected entries will be informed after the deadline.

Deadline of registration is on 2 May, 2012*.

Prize :
  1. First prize : Cash RM800 + 2 days 1 night Travel package to Pulau Pangkor sponsored by + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  2. Second prize : Cash RM400 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  3. Third prize : Cash RM200 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
  4. Fourth and fifth prize : Hamper worth of RM80 + Trophy + Certificate by UKM
The winner will be interviewed and it will be published on university/outside media (digital board, bulletin or magazines).

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